Drake Bell Arrested for DUI

Best known for his role on Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh,” Drake Bell was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Glendale on Monday night. After being stopped for alleged speeding and swerving, Drake Bell was arrested for DUI and posted $20,000 bail for his release.

Drake Bell is at the start of the criminal process that has entangled celebrities, politicians,  athletes, and the not so famous alike. Often the difference is the ability to immediately contact the best criminal defense lawyer. DUI law is both complex and confusing. When arrested for DUI you immediately find yourself caught up in the criminal justice system, often for the first time. Additionally, you may have a civil case pending against your license. The key to getting the best result is to have the help of a Lynnwood DUI Lawyer. I assist my clients in determining the best steps to move forward; including challenging the DOL, scheduling court dates, in depth case assessment, and aggressive DUI defense.

Had Drake Bell’s arrest been in a first offense DUI in Washington State, he would be looking at a mandatory minimum sentence of 1 to 2 days in jail (depending on his breath test), a 90 day to 1 year license suspension, a 1 year ignition interlock requirement,  and an alcohol and drug evaluation including compliance with any treatment recommendations. While Drake is innocent until proven guilty, there are often strict conditions of release placed on individuals accused of DUI. You should never appear in court with a criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

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